June 27, 2019

Tips on choosing a photographer for your needs.

I keep seeing in the social media groups people looking for a certain type of photographer like newborn, wedding, or senior photographer, and everyone chimes in with their friend that is a photographer. Well I wanted to help make it easier for you, on how to choose the best one for your needs.

All photographers specialize in a type of photography and have a style in the way they create their images. They all offer different types of products. The biggest thing is you have to figure out before hand what you need as a final product and what type of look you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend for your event or portraits. Do your research!!! Check out the photographer’s website, look at their images, see what they are about before contacting them.

Top 5 things to look for

1. Speciality

2. Image Style

3. Experience

4. Products / what they offer


Photographers all have their speciality. Some are event photographers that love photographing weddings and parties, some are portrait photographers that love photographing newborns, children, families and seniors. Commercial photographing is for businesses looking for their products or businesses to be photographed.

*If you are looking for a wedding photographer, keep in mind of your venue choice. For example if you are getting married in a barn make sure your photographer has experience with a barn wedding. It can be a very difficult lighting situation and you wouldn’t want the photographer to not be able to achieve it.

Image Style

Image style revolves around the way the photographer see things or gets inspired by. Many different style choices; traditional, fashion, beauty, black & white, grainy, sharp, blurry, lifestyle, etc….

Check out the photographers work make sure that what your looking for, they can produce.


This one is very important!!! You want a photographer that has experience in what you are asking them to do. An experienced photographer knows what to do and how to do it. They know how to read the lighting and pose you in the most flattering ways. They will have the equipment that is needed and backups of that equipment, just incase. Technology is great but it can fail sometimes, while you are waiting to see your images your photographer is going through all the images choosing the best, editing and retouching those. Let’s say their computer crashes, what now??? Well, your photographer should have a backup to prevent loosing your images. Things to think about!!!

It is also about the experience you will have with your photographer. They are capturing a very special moment or milestone in your life. You want to have an great experience with them. With a wedding they are by your side the entire time, it is important to connect with them.


You need a photographer but what do you want with the images? Are you looking for prints, albums, wall art, digitals? Every photographer offers different products. Set up a consultation with them, check out their products in person and check the quality.


Have a number that you need to stay within for your budget. Sit down and figure how many prints you need, and what type of products you want. Photographers all have different prices. If you love the photographer and their work but they are not in your budget, most do offer payment plans to help. Some offer specials or mini sessions.

The difference with us.

Kat Kattler Photography

I am Professionally trained with over 13 years experience in photography. A full service studio, that means I will take care of you starting with planning your session, all the way to even hanging up your portraits. Guide you though the process. It’s our goal to create images that you will love and they will last you a lifetime. Details and quality is very important to us. You will never see a hair tie on someones wrist in my images. I even have a steamer in the studio just incase you need it. I do specialize in Senior portraits, with that said I still photograph all ages of portraits, newborns, children and families.

In the end it is your choice, keep in mind that you are hiring someone and putting your trust into someone to create the images that you will have forever. These tips should help guide you on deciding on who to hire.

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur

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